We personally cultivate the flowers for our products using only the biological method.

The flowers and plants are constantly controlled and under the supervision of an agronomist.

We do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

We do not induce the growth of our plants with a heating system or artificial lighting inside our greenhouses.

The flowers which we use for our products are: geranium, jasmine, mimosa, pansy, red rose and yellow rose.

San Remo was the first city in Italy to produce flowers for ornamental use thanks to the ideal mild climate/micro climate present in this area.

Our company is the leader in the area in the cultivation of biological flowers.

In order to produce f lowers year-round, a part of the cultivation is done in greenhouses.

The production process for certain flowers, for example, the mimosa, requires the inclination of the land as well as its exposition at various levels above the sea.



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