The creator of “Le Dolcezze di Billy” was Gianluigi Roverio, who inherited the family flower growing dynasty in San Remo.

Ever since the early 1900’s, his family has been cultivating flowers as their livelihood. In the year 2000, Gianluigi Roverio came up with the idea to create an edible line of products using the flowers as the basic ingredient.

As the story has been told………..

    •    One day Gianluigi went to deliver the mimosa to a flower dealer (who was visibly irritable). The flower dealer jokingly said to Gianluigi,….. “You will be eating your flowers in the future!”…..(referring to the slowdown of the flower market business in that particular moment).. When Gianluigi returned home, his neice Maryline was visiting and he delighted in telling her this amusing episode which had occurred earlier that day. Maryline, being a professional food chemist, listened attentively as her uncle spoke, then replied, “Why not?!”…………And this is how the idea was born.
  • From the idea, to the realization of his product, after fours years he was awarded with the “patent”.

The name of the soft jellies was a search to find a brand name or trademark which is easy to remember, but also suitable for an international market. Mr. Roverio’s wife, Milena, as a little girl was nicknamed “Billy the Kid” because she was a little “pest ” ! So, in honor of his wife, he decided to name his candy/sweets after her……and so the name became “Le Dolcezze di Billy”.



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Le dolcezze di Billy ™

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